Safety and privacy
where it's needed most

Check out our illustrated patient’s path to get an idea where VetroHealth solutions benefit the most. The patient’s path is created in co-operation with Turku University Hospital – one of the most respected health care facilities in Finland.

Patient's Path

There is a plethora of possibilities how VetroHealth solutions improve safety and privacy in health care facilities. These examples are designed with Turku University Hospital. You can also dowload a floor plan from Turku University Hospital and check how they would place VetroHealth solutions in one of their buildings.
Reception Area
Here is where everyone comes at first so it is extremely vital to protect these areas from viruses for the benefit of employees and patients.

Doctor's Reception Area
Doctors meet lots of people with various health problems every single day. To improve the safety of these quarters makes these visits safer.

Family Room
When patients meet their families it is important to protect patient from viruses from outside hospital and families from viruses etc. around the hospital.

Phone Call Area
In health care facilities the privacy can be hard to achieve. VetroHealth makes it easy and safe.

Dictation Area
Not only the patients need privacy. VetroHealth solutions can improve privacy of the doctors as well. Dictation areas are one of the more obvious choices.

Recovery Ward
After operations and treatments patients need quiet and safe place to recover. What would be better than VetroHealth to achieve this.

Consultation Area
Dialog between two doctors can be also a dialog of various viruses. To prevent viruses to spread VetroHealth is a wise choice for a consultation area.

Preparation Area
Before surgical operations it is extremely important to take care of safety and everything must be clean from harmful viruses and microbes.

Registeration Area
Registration areas are also a places where practically everyone visits daily, so it is essential to keep these areas safe from viruses.

Play Area
Children need their playtime for recovery and happiness. When children play together – there’s always a risk of viruses spreading. VetroHealth steps up to make playtime safer.

Office / Administration
Employees meet each other in these quarters. So do all the viruses. Improving the safety of these quarters improve the safety of the whole facility.

Quarantine Area
What would be the better way to make quarantine than VetroHealth with its ability to destroy harmful viruses and microbes from the air and surfaces.

VetroHealth tailor made spaces keeps you safe from harmful microbes in an environment where they are common problem.

VetroHealth tailor made spaces are clean from viruses that usually spread on the surfaces used by medical staff and patients.

VetroHealth spaces are ideal for purposes and tasks requiring greater privacy since its sound insulation capasities are phenomenal.

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