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to build world's
safest healthcare

This is not an improvement – this is revolution

VetroHealth’s tailored air purifying and disinfecting interior solutions create a safer environment for those whom benefit the most of it – employees and clients of health care facilities and hospitals.

Patient's Path

Check where you benefit the most from VetroHealth solutions. These examples along patient’s path are created with top-notch professionals from one of the most respected health care facilities in Finland – Turku University Hospital

Our solutions

Check out our ready-to-install modules suitable for all kinds of facilities or contact us for tailored solutions when you need something more specific for larger or otherwise challenging space. Whatever you need – we’ll provide it.


WiSDOM AiR's blue disinfection lights destroys bacteria, harmful particles and viruses. Innovative technology generates a powerful antimicrobial effect that is deadly for up to 99,9% of microbes* but still completely harmless for humans and materials.

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