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VetroHealth’s tailored healthcare pods are equipped with photon disinfection lighting and photocatalytic nano-coating, meaning safe interiors without viruses or bacteria. Our smart clean air ventilation removes up to 99,9% of impurities from the air entering the space. Positive air pressure ensures that all air flow entering the space goes through the double filtration system, even if the door is open. Optionally, pressure can be negative and exiting air filtered. If needed, filtration can be implemented at both air entry and exit points. Vetrohealth pods offer market leading sound-proofing levels, so even the most confidential discussion can be held within our pods without compromising patient privacy. Enjoy our patented technology which provides you with the world’s safest place to recover or work.

Patient's Path

Check where you benefit the most from VetroHealth solutions. These examples along patient’s path are created with top-notch professionals from one of the most respected health care facilities in Finland – Turku University Hospital

Our solutions

Check out our ready-to-install modules suitable for all kinds of facilities or contact us for tailored solutions when you need something more specific for larger or otherwise challenging space. Whatever you need – we’ll provide it.

VLD Lighting

Due to VLD lighting and photocatalytic nano-coating, our pods automatically and continuously destroy bacteria, harmful particles and viruses. Innovative technology generates a powerful, error-free, antimicrobial effect that is deadly for up to 99,9% of microbes* but still completely harmless to humans and materials as the light is not ionizing like UV light.

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